Joost Helms

Eipo co-founder & director

Expert on open innovation and triple helix collaboration, founder of eindhoven academy institute for leadership in brainport, former vice mayor of city of eindhoven, public speaker, strategist, analytist, science & technology, marketing and branding specialist.

Peter Portheine

Eipo co-founder & director

Expert on smart cities and circular economy, managing director brainport smart district, former member of provincial government of north brabant, public speaker, visionair, strong leader, entrepreneurship, project management and investment specialist.

Alexander Schmidt

Smart City Implementation Specialist

BABLE Smart Cities – Expert on European smart cities and urban solution, former fraunhofer research society, master planner, trainer, facilitator, team player, platform, digitalization and smart city implementation specialist.

Edgar van Leest

Ecosystem Strategies Expert

Strategy Unit – Expert on ecosystem strategies, former strategy director brainport development, strategic consulting, public-private collaboration, strategy formulation and roadmap development, lobby/public affaires specialist.

Arjen petersen

Architect & Master Planner

SUAR – Architect and Master Planner, expert on urban planning and campus masterplan development, creative mind, feasibility studies, conceptual design, working with real estate developers, governments and high tech companies.

Pam Portheine

Social Geography & Urban Planning Expert

Bureau FRANKEN – Board member of EHVXL, expert on social geography and urban planning, citizen participation and citizen engagement, transformations, redevelopment of monuments and (cultural) heritage.