Smarter Development

We join your team to accelerate
a more knowledge-based economy
with higher added value for your community.

What we do:

The Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO) engages knowledge, experience and networks, to support regions and cities around the world to design, coordinate and implement socio-economic development strategies.

Triple Helix collaboration

Collaboration between governments, research & educational institutes and industry enables growth and prosperity for your city or region. This model can not easily be copied, it has to be contextualized and adapted to local circumstances and culture. We know how to do this.

Smart City development

Cities around the world aim at becoming a smart city. However, smart city development is not about pushing technology, it is about putting technology to work for people. That is why we start with socio-economic development. Ultimately, it is all about connecting smart people.

Building ecosystems

Successful ecosystems can develop a leading position in the world. This requires clear strategy on focus, market potential, strategic partnerships within the region as well as internationally and strong support from regional government, knowledge institutions and supply chain partners.

Boost your marketing

To attract investments, cities and regions need a clear message. Not only on your current capabilities and what you stand for today. Also on your ambitions, the direction you are heading and the steps you take to get you there. Our approach supports you to tell your story.


It's all about collaboration

Only shared ambitions and a common goal,
acknowledgement of individual interests
and strong relations, will get you there.

How we do it

EIPO is not your everyday consulting firm. We do not produce huge amounts of paper. What we do is join your team and work side by side on your challenges and ambitions. Because we truly believe in the power of collaboration.

Long-term partnerships

Cities and regions are not built overnight. Neither are Smart Cities, Triple Helix collaboration structures or ecosystems. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes committed partnerships. EIPO prefers to be one of these committed partners. We do not believe in typical consultancy producing extensive reports, pretending to deliver a magic formula to change your world. We believe in working together with local and regional partners, to adopt local strengths and opportunities and adapt the lessons and experiences of other successful cities and regions to fit local structures and culture. For this, we prefer to engage in long-term partnerships, including substantial presence of the EIPO team on-site. We like to be part of your team!

A clear view to get you started

Not sure where to start? EIPO can help you analyse your current position and future challenges and opportunities. Our analysts will visit your city or region and collect necessary data and input from the most relevant stakeholders. From this, our team of specialists will identify areas where we can most effectively focus the efforts to make sustainable progress. Whether you are in need for a quick reference, recommending quick-wins to realise short-term results, a broader view on marketing and positioning or a more in-depth and broader vision on collaboration models, potential ecosystems or feasible suggestions for future socio-economic development, EIPO can support you and deliver tangible results.

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We believe in collaboration to share knowledge and experiences, boosting socio-economic development, creating a better future for people

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