Binh Duong Smart Region

Implement Triple Helix collaboration model
to accelerate socio-economic development
of Binh Duong province, Vietnam

Binh Duong Navigator 2021 & Smart City project

In close collaboration with Binh Duong provincial government, Becamex IDC development company and regional universities, EIPO designed and implemented a comprehensive development strategy to accelerate Binh Duong’s sustainable economic growth, based on the successful introduction of the Triple Helix collaboration model.

Binh Duong Navigator 2021

Introduction of comprehensive strategy focussing on People (education, human talent and skills), Technology (innovation, research & development), Business (services, supply chain development, entrepreneurship and start-ups) and Basics (physical and digital infrastructure, environmental conditions & quality of life).

Smart City Summit Binh Duong

In March 2016, EIPO, Becamex and the Dutch consulate in Vietnam organised the first edition of Binh Duong’s Smart City summit, including regional and international keynote speakers, an international exhibition and a 24-hr student hackathon. Next edition: October 2018.
Click for video of Smart City summit 2016

Triple Helix collaboration

Inspired by the success of Brainport Eindhoven’s Triple Helix collaboration model, EIPO adapted this model to fit local circumstances, structures and culture. Binh Duong is now the first region in Vietnam to embrace intensive collaboration between governments, businesses & industry and educational & research institutions.

International marketing & FDI

EIPO introduced a new marketing approach for Binh Duong province to attract foreign investment and higher added value industries, using the existing strengths and values of Binh Duong province, as well as their ambitious goals and tangible results on Smart City development.

Binh Duong New City

Binh Duong province measures 2,695 sq km with 15,000 ha industrial parks and a working population of 1,2 million (on a total of 2 million). With 30,000 enterprises and ranking nr. 1 in Vietnam on infrastructure and nr. 2 on foreign investment, the GDP growth rate of Binh Duong is 14% per year. To accommodate this growth, Binh Duong is developing a new provincial capital complying with international standards, providing real-life test environments to businesses and universities to launch new technologies, applications and products, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future.


Morelos, Mexico

Advising Human Capital Council Morelos
on follow-up OECD territorial review
and integrated collaborative approach

Lessons and inspiration from Brainport region Eindhoven

After an extensive OECD review, pointing out the weak productivity levels of Morelos and describing their challenge to boost its economy, particularly through inclusive growth policies such as enhancing human capital and promoting innovation, Morelos was looking for inspiring examples. EIPO provided new insights to the newly-created Human Capital Council of Morelos, a regional governance body to promote an integrated vision on regional development.

Site visit Brainport Eindhoven

To help Morelos’ Human Capital Council to learn from the success of Brainport Eindhoven’s development, EIPO organised an extensive site visit, including local government representatives and leading partners from educational & research institutions and high tech industry.

Follow-up recommendations

To successfully implement the conclusions of the OECD review, Morelos needs to invest in new and extended ways of collaboration between public and private partners in order to deliver sustainable and scalable results for further social and economic development.


Intelligent Community Forum

Introducing cities and regions in ICF network
to share knowledge and experience with
smart cities and regions around the world

Join the ICF network & award program

Back in 2011, Brainport Eindhoven was awarded the Most Intelligent Community of the Year by the independent think tank and knowledge network of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York City. From our experience and involvement in 2011, EIPO has grown to be a valued partner of the ICF, connecting other regions around the world into the ICF network and award program.

Knowledge network

The ICF network connects cities and regions worldwide, who share the ambition to an Intelligent Community. EIPO is well-connected in this network and successfully launched Binh Duong as the first Vietnamese region ever to join the network of intelligent communities. This year, EIPO also introduced Brightlands, province of Limburg, The Netherlands into the ICF network.

Award program

Using our experience and involvement with the 2011 title for Brainport Eindhoven, as well as the knowledge and experiences from many other Smart21 and Top7 nominees, EIPO is guiding Binh Duong through the ICF application process. Our joint goal is to reach Smart21 in 2018 or 2019. This will be the first time a Vietnamese region makes it into the ICF ranking of Intelligent Communities.

We believe in collaboration to share knowledge and experiences, boosting socio-economic development, creating a better future for people

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