Eindhoven International Project Office

Sharing experience and knowledge on successful collaboration,
with a focus on creating new and better ecosystems, Smart City strategies
and socio-economic development for regions and cities around the world.

Triple Helix

Intense collaboration between governments, research & educational institutes and industry enables growth and prosperity.

Smart Cities

Smart city development is not about pushing technology, it is about smart connections and putting technology to work for the people.


Successful ecosystems develop a leading position in the world, by focus, strategic partnerships and support from government policies.


To attract investments, cities and regions should have a clear message, on what they stand for today as well as where they are heading.


The Brainport Eindhoven region is well known for its unique high tech ecosystem and the internationally acknowledged successful Triple Helix collaboration model. Eindhoven has been awarded the Most Intelligent Community of the year in 2011 and holds a front runner position in the evolution from Smart City towards Smart Society. Focusing on the strategic areas of Energy, Health and Mobility, the Brainport Eindhoven region aims at solving tomorrow’s societal challenges of regions and cities around the world.

The Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO) unlocks the knowledge and experience of the successful development of the Eindhoven region from a traditional manufacturing industry into the world leading high tech hotspot that it is today.

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Latest News

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Meeting with Vietnamese PM

July 10, 2017

After attending the G20 top in Hamburg, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited The Netherlands at the invitation of his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte. EIPO met with him and presented…

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ICF summit in NYC, feat. Brightlands

June 6, 2017

EIPO is a valued partner of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). Every year, ICF names the Most Intelligent Community of the Year, during their annual summit. Eindhoven was awarded this…


Morelos delegation visiting Eindhoven

February 26, 2017

A delegation from the Mexican province Morelos visited the Brainport Eindhoven region from February 21st till February 26th. EIPO provided a program to share experiences on Triple Helix collaboration and…

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